Christ’s Resurrection & His Impact on Real Life Issues (Series Reminder)

Posted: 04/19/2012 in Uncategorized

Life Christian Center – Resurrection Reality Teaching Series: 

So far we’ve covered…

4/8: Resurrecting Right Relationships in a World of Relationship Destroyers

4/15: Resurrecting Truth & Honesty in a World of Cheats & Liars

Continuing this Sunday…

4/22: Resurrecting God’s Sexual Ideals in a World of Sexual Idols

4/29: Resurrecting Personal Peace in a World of Pain & Abuse (This is also BLUE SUNDAY – Day of Prayer and testimonies for all physically abused or molested as minors)

5/6: Resurrecting Respect in a World of Murder & Apathy (…especially relevant as the bullets have been really flying around Salinas lately)

I hope to see all from Salinas and the outlying areas join us at 1327 E. Alisal St., Salinas, Sundays at 10AM as we continue our after-Easter resurrection theme.

LCCers, please keep inviting those you know who want to wrap their brains around the impact God and the Bible can truly have concerning some of the most crucial real life issues we face in our world today.   – James 1:21


PS: Blogpost likely forthcoming to address the recent number of high profile Salinas public school authorities involved in molestation of students, child pornography, public promotion of antibiblical indoctrination (including tomorrow’s day of silence to promote the normalcy of homosexuality), as well as the overall indifference shown within the community (including the general parental response).  Stay tuned…



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