Getting drunk, high, laid…

Posted: 03/08/2012 in Hard Questions

Quick reminders:

1. Set clocks ahead an hour on Saturday as Daylight Savings Time begins. (2 hours ahead if you live in Salinas:)

2. 3/11 Topic @ LCC @
10am in our Hard Questions Series = “What’s the big deal with getting drunk, high, or laid (outside marriage) – especially if you’re not hurting anyone?” [or at least nobody but yourself- maybe]

This is not a HQ that is making a cheap attempt at “relevance.” This is a major barrier for many – something I saw in a devastating manner among the youth of England when I was there in 1995. The conscience of the culture has changed dramatically in America as well in just a few generations.

It was questions like these that kept me from investigating God in my younger years- mainly out of a fear of what God might tell me and how it might affect every part of my life that mattered to me. Many people (like me 25 years ago) are honestly wondering about this but they really do not want an answer from Scripture because they deceive themselves into thinking that if they don’t know, they’re not responsible to do anything differently. Wrong. Plus, you may be surprised by God’s views and purposes when it comes to His kids having a good time. Come and see-


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