Texting ’til Easter

Posted: 01/14/2011 in Introduction, Text Messages

We begin by embarking upon a united “chapter a day” study and application of four books of the Bible between January 11, 2011, and Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011:

January 11 – 31:  The Gospel of John

February 1 -28: The Acts of the Apostles

March 1 – 31:  Proverbs

April 1 – 24 (Easter Sunday):  The Gospel of Luke

Our strategy is to treat these divine “text messages” like we would any others we get on our cell phones – to open, read, understand, and respond.

The “ancient technology” of Scripture can be difficult for some in this generation to open, understand, and use.  It is my sincere hope that together we will figure out how to effectively receive and reply to God’s text messages in a simple way.

I’ll provide some of my thoughts on these divine text messages to help out – and I hope to link you to other good resources too.


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